Taking you from scared and anxious, to confident and powerful. 

Did you know when we feel afraid or stressed our amazing body can sense something isn’t right and labour can slow down or stop progressing? This can then lead to further medical interventions.  If we feel scared our bodies produce adrenaline which is a hormone not needed during childbirth and can prevent other important hormones from coming out to play, such as oxytocin. 

This hypnobirthing course will teach you skills and techniques to stay calm and in control of your birth. When we feel calm and supported, our bodies can produce oxytocin which is the hormone needed for labour to progress. It's what stimulates our contractions or surges. When we produce oxytocin we can also produce endorphins which are the body's own natural pain reliever, which can be more powerful than morphine. 

This is the basis of the hypnobirthing course. One day to change how you feel about birth. Unprogramming the mind and all the negative assumptions we have built up so you can really start to look forward to your birth and meeting your baby. Everyone deserves the birth they desire and should be able to look back and feel like superwoman!

This is a one day interactive and engaging course, which incorporates some movement, breathwork, science and fun! By the end you will confident, prepared and starting to work on your birth plan. 


Course Outline

What You Will Learn

  • The logic of KGH and hypnotherapy 

  • How the body works in labour and how hypnobirthing can help at every stage 

  • The role and importance of hormones in labour 

  • Deep relaxation techniques for labour and pregnancy

  •  Breathing and visualisation techniques for pregnancy, labour and beyond 

  • The hugely important role of the birth partner. Includes robozo and partner massage

  • What you can do to prevent tearing and best positions for birth

  • Your choices for place of birth, comfort measures and everything else along the way 

  • Putting together your "birth proposal"

  • Building knowledge, confidence and power to prepare you for every eventuality

Happy pregnant women meeting at antenata


 My group courses last a total of 6 hours and also includes some online content for you to look back on such as yoga for birth, breathing techniques for birth and partner massage and robozo. 

What You Get

  • KGHypnobirthing book by Katharine Graves which compliments the course and can be referred back to throughout your pregnancy.

  • Daily practice sheets and activities to help prepare at home 

  • Antenatal relaxation MP3 downloads

  • Mamaste Hypnobirthing Workbook

  • 1  postnatal yoga or mum and baby yoga class either face to face or on zoom

  • Last but not least Me! Ongoing support throughout your pregnancy via phone or email.     

Upcoming Courses 

All course are held at the beautiful Studio 38 Yoga Studio in Whitefield. 

Sunday 21st August 10am-4pm. Studio 38 Yoga Studio, Bury Old Road. £165 per couple. 

Sunday 25th September 10am-4pm. Studio 38 Yoga Studio, Bury Old Road. £165 per couple. 

Sunday 30th October  10am-4pm. Studio 38 Yoga Studio, Bury Old Road. £165 per couple. 

Sunday 28th November 10am-4pm. Studio 38 Yoga Studio, Bury Old Road. £165 per couple. 

£50 deposit to secure your place. 


Please get in touch to discuss payment plans. 

Please enquire re private 1:1 courses face to face or zoom. 


It didn't go entirely to plan! But I suppose the main thing to take away from it was that I genuinely believed that my body would manage to do what was needed even when others did not; (they were literally about to perform an episiotomy after the push before *** came out).  I stayed calm when there was rising panic around me and I never gave up. I think without hypnobirthing it would have been a completely different story as I have never felt so strong through fear in my whole life. So thank you.

Kat, Prestwich

Private Course

£295 investment