Pregnancy Yoga and Relaxation

Pregnancy yoga is a fantastic way to feel great during pregnancy and prepare for birth and beyond. I aim to provide a safe space for women to rest, relax and reconnect. I also teach hypnobirthing so you can expect some deep relaxation techniques to help prepare for birth and set you up for a great nights sleep, as well as learning some tips for a positive birth experience. Suitable for women in second and third trimester. Everyone is welcome whether you are an experienced yogi or an absolute beginner. 

Benefits of pregnancy yoga:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • An opportunity to connect and bond with baby

  • Meet other expectant mothers 

  • Improves sleep

  • Increases stamina to prepare for birth and early motherhood

  • Releases tension in achy muscles


Wednesday 8pm at Studio 38, Whitefield. £60 Investment for 6 week course.

Thursday 7.35pm at Littleborough Boxing Club. £49 Investment for 6 week course.


Mum and Baby Yoga

Practicing yoga with your baby is a lovely way to bond and enjoy some special time together. It also helps ease mum's achey body and aid the postnatal recovery. Yoga movements can mimic the soothing, rocking motions baby felt in the womb which helps them to relax and sometimes improve sleep. 

This class focuses on mum as well as baby and is great way to meet and support other local mums. Suitable for 8 weeks postpartum or 12 weeks postpartum following a c-section or assisted delivery. Experienced yogis and absolute beginners all welcome. 


Tuesdays: Studio 38, Whitefield. 10.30am. £42 for 6 week course

Wednesday: Littleborough Boxing Club. 10.30am. £42 for 6 week course.